New and updated charts

A few new charts, and updated some others that I have been following lately. Not a lot of great charts out there. I do however have my toes secretly crossed for a bit of a market correction the next few days to get some better entries into some stocks, or even sell some puts.

ACM – This has been riding along it’s 10 day moving average quite nicely. Looks like it may still have some more room to run.

AMD – Not a huge fan of this setup, but there is potential. I still not sure about the future of this company because they still don’t seem to have a direction it seems.

AMZN – Has been crumbling since it’s downgrade and closed below 260 today. Look for 255 to act as support, but if it doesn’t, not good.

BBRY – Still has me interested. I’m watching to see if there is any support at the 10 and 50 day moving averages.

GOOG – Just watching Google right now. I wasn’t a big fan on how it closed below 810 and below the 20 MA so easily. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it try to bounce back over the 20 MA and 810 but end up stumbling around until eventually reaches the 50 MA.

MHO – Looks interesting to attempt a pop back to 28.5

ZNGA – Looking less interesting by the day. Sitting at the 20 MA right now, so there is still a little bit of a reason to keep an eye on it.

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